In the Blood Playlist

I think the majority of writers have some sort of playlist or “soundtrack” they listen to while writing – or least while they are brainstorming ideas for a new story. Well, here are some of the songs (with artists listed) that helped me as I penned the first draft of my high fantasy novel, In the Blood. Many of these songs continue to help me as I go through the editing/revising process. They are listed in no particular order.

1. Poison and Wine – The Civil Wars

2. Ring My Bells – Enrique Iglesias

3. Demons – Imagine Dragons

4. Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons

5. I tuoi fiori – Etta Scollo

6. Below My Feet – Mumford and Sons

7. Promentory and The Kiss (Last of the Mohicans soundtrack) – John Newton

8. Funeral Pyre (Conan the Barbarian soundtrack) – Basil Poledouris

9. Whataya Want from Me – Adam Lambert

10. Hidden Away – Josh Groban

11. Lift Me Up – Kate Voegele

12. The Gates of Istanbul – Loreena McKennitt

13. In a Glade – Milla

14. Love Me or Leave Me – Kerli

15. Home – Phillip Phillips

16. Through Smoke – NeedToBreathe

17. Aftermath – Lifehouse

18. Run – both the original Snow Patrol and Katharine McPhee versions

19. Clocks Back – Metaphorest

20. Seven Devils – Florence and the Machine

21. Shake it Out – Florence and the Machine

22. What the Water Gave Me – Florence and the Machine

There are actually a lot more, but who wants to read through all that? What are some songs that inspire you?

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