Crack the Bones and Suck out the Marrow

I, like most people, tend to go through life on auto-pilot. But worse than that, I tend to bemoan what’s not right in my life and how it seems so much less than the people I see around me. “Why don’t my kids behave in public like I see other kids behaving? Why can’t I get my writing published – lots of other people seems able to do it? Why isn’t my son talking yet (he’s 3+)? Why am I not thin or why can’t I stay on a diet? Why can’t I seem to get organized? Why do I feel down so often? Blah Blah Blah!”
Well, today I want to take some encouragement from the song below and I hope it gives some of you encouragement too. I hope we can take everything we can out of life and then turn around and give back the best we have to offer. I pray I’m strong enough to live life instead of letting it pass by. Peace!

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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