Don’t Keep Calm…really

So perfectly captures the writer’s dilemma. Thank you for sharing this piece of wisdom.

In Her Words Avenue

Have you ever woken up so inspired, motivated, ready to start writing all day long, to pour out all your thoughts and ideas, then suddenly when you sit in front of the screen all you can do is stare at it?  You place your fingers in the keyboard and there is… nothing, blank, zip, nada?  Well, you are not alone, today is one of those days for me also…

After staring at the screen for a while, I realized I’m too calm and passive to write anything. It’s too quiet, and my whole being is just silent. Not that it’s a bad thing, silence and calmness are good, important, and necessary, but my best writing moments have been in the midst of the noise, chaos, and movement (internally and externally).

Today I felt a bit more in love with writing. I love it because of the passion it contains, because…

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