Proud and Poor and Still Here!

I’ve just been informed by WordPress that today is my anniversary. I guess a year ago today I joined WordPress as an intrepid blogger and began posting my novel for the world to enjoy. Unfortunately, over the many months that I worked on and posted the novel I had, maybe, five people read it.

So, I took it down after it was complete, renamed it, and am now revising it. “Revising” includes REWRITING about 80% of it.
So what’s the point? Well, I guess I am a little proud of myself that I didn’t just give up when it was obvious that no one was interested in reading the book. Even when it is finally complete and ready to shop around I might still encounter the same level of disinterest, but at least I will know that I didn’t give up, didn’t give in.

Again, we writers are a masochistic lot. God love us, because the statistical odds are that no one else will.

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