I Know Artists Are Supposed to be Starving… but… Really?

I have a profile on a freelancers website, looking for side jobs to earn a little extra income. As I’ve been going through the listings, I am AMAZED by how little people want to pay freelance writers. Maybe I am just overestimating my worth (as well as the worth of all writers) but $3.00 for a 500 word article seems pretty low (it’s about half a penny per word). And then there was another post that wanted a writer to produce 4,000 words a day but they wanted to pay $1.50 per 100 words. So, for one day of work (4,000 words) you would get paid $60. If you worked 8 hours a day that is $7.50 an hour. I don’t know about other writers, but 4,000 words a day is a pretty productive day and a lot of work. Worth more than $60. Another job post wanted 40-50 articles PER HOUR everyday.

Based on this, I don’t know how anyone makes money as a freelancer. Is it just me?





One thought on “I Know Artists Are Supposed to be Starving… but… Really?

  1. It’s not just you. Those prices you quoted are actually not that low compared to what is out there unfortunately. There needs to be an overhaul of the way Freelance websites operate. Not trying to spam your post or anything but I posted about this very subject on my blog. Perhaps we can force a change if enough Freelancers agree.


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