You Might be Thinner, but I’m More Likely to Survive the Endtimes

So, I’ve started the South Beach Diet and am reading The South Beach Diet: Supercharged book. In it I learned that people who tend to collect fat around their belly have what is called “thrifty genes.” That means that in times when famines were common, people with “thrifty genes” like me would build up an energy reserve around their bellies that was then used and burned during times when food was scarce. These people were then more likely to survive the famine, while their slimmer friends and neighbors (you know, the ones who can wolf down 5 Big Macs with a side of Peanut Butter M&Ms without gaining an ounce) succumbed to starvation.

I am on the plusher side of plus size and collect fat… well… everywhere, including around the belly. I mean, I gain weight just walking through a bakery! And my husband is the opposite. I can watch him eat an entire large pizza by himself and he MIGHT gain a pound – a pound he immediately burns off at work as an auto tech. While I’m watching him stuff his face with cheesy pizza, should it make me feel better to think, “Sweetheart, you might be forty pounds lighter than me, but when the inevitable apocalypse comes, I’m going to make it while you become one of those mud mummies they’re always digging up”?

But then, if zombies figure in to the apocalypse, I probably WON’T make it since they are going to go after us plumpies first – especially since we can’t run as fast.

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