5 Reasons Writer Groups and Critique Groups are for the Birds

1. Around 50% (or more) of the “serious writers” who came to the first meeting will drop out before the 2nd meeting.

2. Of those “serious writers” who remain, only about 2/3 of those will actually submit any work to be critiqued, or critique anyone else’s. The other 1/3 are there solely to shoot the breeze and make themselves feel important.

3. Writing is a solitary pursuit. Sure, you’re going to need an editor eventually, but, bottom line, no one is going to write and perfect your stories for you.

4. A large number (notice I didn’t say majority) of would-be writers a). Are jerks, who think the sun rises and sets on their pen b). Are flakes, who write about things only other flakes would understand c). Are only writers in their heads – they haven’t actually written anything or d). Do not possess the writing skills or the editing skills to make them effective and helpful members of a writers’ group.

5. All that time you spend at a writer/critique group, not to mention all the time you spend PREPARING for the writer/critique group could be spent… writing!

Now, if you are lucky enough to get 2-6 BETA READERS (literate, well-informed, articulate people willing to read your work and give you honest feedback) then you are supremely blessed and need to make sure you hold on to those people any way you can. Seriously, they are a gift from heaven and should not be underestimated. Writers’ Groups? Throw ’em in a Hitchcock movie and enjoy the show.

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