A Father’s Love

I just heard that my husband’s niece, Jes, tried to kill herself for the 3rd time. This girl is only 13 years old and she feels like no one loves her so she wants to die to be with her grandmother. Jes’ teacher told her mother that Jes really needs a father figure in her life – my husband’s brother is pretty much useless as a father or anything else.

I wish more was said about this in our society: how fathers have an ENORMOUS impact on their children’s self-esteem, particularly their daughters. My husband has said numerous times that if he wasn’t around for some reason our kids would be fine because they would have me. While that is true to an extent, I think my boys would miss something essential if they didn’t have their father around on a regular basis. My own father was distant and showed little interest in my sister and me – I am still feeling the effects.

A dad’s influence on his daughters is immeasurable, for good or bad. All you dads out there, remember how important you are and carry that knowledge with you as you interact with your kids. You just can’t fathom how your love and attention, or lack there of, plays into our lives.

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