Criticism – How do you handle it?

Great advice!

Despicable Yet Wonderful You


Source: Ten Realities about Life

  1. People may laugh at your ideas, they may ridicule, disrespect and taunt. This has been so with almost every person who ventured out to do something great in life. And just like these individuals from a long list of highly accomplished individuals, you too can follow your ideas and aspirations through and accomplish something great in life. The trick is however not to stop and waste time by questioning your critics’ behavior, but to use that time to cautiously and persistently continue making gains towards your goals.
  2. Some of the greatest people we know faced the harshest critics in their life and overcame great challenges to do what they did. You need to educate yourself by reading some of their biographies to understand that you are no exception. The path to success is certainly not a straight one paved with perfectly laid stones and…

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