A Real Man

So, in light of certain horrific events and their asinine follow-ups by asinine people, I’ve decided to share what I think a REAL man is made of.

1. A real man will never say he is a “real man.” He lives that reality every day of his life and never feels the need to call attention to the fact (or is even aware) that he is a REAL man.

2. Real men take rejection with grace. Not to say there are not hurt feelings or even anger, but they learn from the experience and never allow rejection to define or denigrate them.

3. Real men dress with modesty and simple good taste because they know that anything else is unnecessary and idiotic.

4. A real man holds doors open for people (notice I didn’t say just women), because real men are considerate of others – regardless of whether they get laid for it.

5. Real men do not tail-gate. Seriously does that even need to be SAID?!

6. Real men only pursue genuine people for romantic partners, because they know anything less is a waste of time.

7. A real man knows he is not entitled to anything but that for which he is willing to work, sweat, and bleed.

8. Real men are confident but humble. They don’t question their masculinity or sexuality because of circumstance. And they have no concern for others’ petty beliefs about masculinity or sexuality.

9. Real men have backbones.

10. A real man defends those weaker than him – without acting like a macho jerk for doing it. And he doesn’t EXPECT (notice I did not say deserve) payment/thanks for his intervention.


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