Movies That Blew My Mind… Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my movie list. I’d love to hear about some movies that made an impact on you. Share in the comments!


6. The Last of the Mohicans – (directed by Michael Mann, Starring Daniel Day-Lewis & Madeleine Stowe)


Yeah, so I like a lot of movies based on books. The thing is, a lot of the movies that fall in this category are ones that surpass their literary origin, or diverge from the book to become something equally wonderful – just different. I haven’t read Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. I’ve read reviews of it saying the book is pretty bad. Until I get around to actually reading the book, I content myself with this blood-pumping screen adaption that is actually one of my go-to romance movies. No cheesy rom-coms for me! But seriously, the music in this film is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

7. The Last Unicorn – (directed by Jules Bass & Arthur Rankin Jr., starring Mia Farrow & Jeff Bridges)


Yep, this title made it on both the book AND movie list. Bass and Rankin Jr. preserved all the strangeness and mysticism of the book. While not a perfect rendition of Beagle’s masterpiece, this movie is still a mind-blowing animated feast for the senses.

8. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? – (directed by Robert Aldrich, starring Bette Davis & Joan Crawford)


You got it! Another Aldrich/Davis collaboration. This one is so incredibly creepy it leaves most of today’s horror movies in the dust. You’ll never look at your sister quite the same way… Bwhaha!

9. Amélie – (directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, starring Audrey Tautou)


I think this movie took the world pretty much by storm when it was released. Whenever I watch it, I feel like I’ve been dropped into universe designed by Victor Nizovtsev.

10. The Passion of the Christ – (directed by Mel Gibson, starring Jim Caviezel)


I have watched this complete film exactly two times. Both occurrences were in a theater and both times I was sobbing half-way through to the end. Many have dismissed this film as exploitative (just throwing in violence to get attention). My response to that is, have you seen some of the sick shit put out these days? Hello, Evil Dead or Exorcist! My other response to this criticism, is that Mel Gibson actually had to leave out quite a bit of violence to make it releasable. What they did to Christ in actuality could not even be shown to general audiences. Some would ask, if you believe in Christ, how can you watch a movie about him being tortured and killed. And my response to that is: Christ didn’t turn away from the job, I think I owe it to him to witness at least a small representation of his suffering – suffering he undertook on MY behalf.


2 thoughts on “Movies That Blew My Mind… Part 2

  1. I was a film student, so once I tried to make a top ten list of my favorite films and was able to narrow it down to 17…Amelie and Last of the Mohicans made my list too! 🙂 Both are amazing!


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