Movies That Blew My Mind… Part 3

Part 3. Enjoy!


11. A Streetcar Named Desire – (directed by Elia Kazan, starring Vivien Leigh & Marlon Brando)


This one might seem like a cliché by now. I mean, how many other people in the world have this on their “Greatest Movies Ever Made List”? But I have long been of the belief that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s bad or mindless. Often, it’s so popular because it manages to speak to a common human element in all of us. Streetcar does that. Besides, Marlon Brando is freakin’ HOT in this!

12. Schindler’s List – (directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Liam Neeson & Ralph Fiennes)


Girl in the red coat. All I have to say.

13. Punch Drunk Love – (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Adam Sandler & Emily Watson)


Often uncomfortable to watch, this quirky little movie still contains some wonderful moments. Barry facing off against the “Mattress Man.” Come on! Philip Seymour Hoffman was amazing, even though his part was pretty small.

14. The Women – (directed by George Cukor, starring Norma Shearer & Joan Crawford)


Probably my favorite movie of them all, I can watch The Women everyday, if only to hear the witty, authentic dialogue and Rosalind Russell screeching her indignation. In fact, I love this movie so much I refused to see the remake out of protest. Some elements of this original classic might be a bit dated. But, overall I think this film has remained incredibly relevant. Don’t we still gobble up gossip about famous people? Don’t people still get divorced? Don’t people still have affairs that hurt their spouses and children? Don’t women still find a particular brand of camaraderie and rivalry in each other? The remake, to me, seemed like an unnecessary slap in the face.

15. The Color Purple – (directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Whoopi Goldberg & Danny Glover)


I realize this movie has quite a bit of controversy attached to it. I’ve read the book, love it. And I think the movie does reflect the spirit of the Alice Walker’s work. I don’t know, when Nettie and her family from Africa are standing in the road, their purple scarves flying in the wind, my heart lurches. And then Celie and Nettie run to each other, I start bawling. Sisters, fighting oppression, struggling for equality and just to be SEEN – to not be invisible anymore – Spielberg’s film does capture those things in a beautiful way.





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