Gems in the Avalanche

I’m going to admit I have been a bit of a book snob in the past. There was a time when I considered self-published books a pretty low standard – don’t hate me! It was pure ignorance. But the truth is, I once shared that elitist view that indie books were for those people who couldn’t manage to get published anywhere and I would rather never publish my books then join their ranks.

That view however, has all but disappeared in the past year or so. A couple of things are responsible for this about face.

1. The traditional publishing giants have put out some TRULY CRAPPY books that just made me shudder. After checking out these stinkers I thought, “Why the heck am I breaking my neck trying to get these people’s attention when they allow THIS to get to print?

2. I have had the good fortune of discovering some TRULY DELIGHTFUL indie books and their authors. There are authors who, for whatever reason, have bypassed the traditional model and their arbitrary gatekeepers to put their books into the hands of readers. Thereby, cutting out a very expensive, very frustrating middleman.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe traditional publishing will always have a place in the world. And, by and large, agents and publishers have discovered and exposed some incredible talent. They’ve dug out gold from obscurity and brought it back to share with us. But a lot of times they miss the gold. A lot of times they dig up a hung of rock, slather it in gold paint and then try to tell us it’s the real deal.

But here are some gems I found that made me believe in the value of indie authors and their novels. True, they are all fantasy and all women, but I’m still trying to mine the HUMONGOUS mountain that is self-publishing. Give me a break! In any case, I hope you check out these wonderful authors and give them a chance to brighten your life.


Grace Draven – Fantasy Romance

crows      entreat


Intisar Khanani – Fantasy

sunbolt   thorn


Jill Myles (aka Jessica Clare) – Fantasy/ Fantasy Romance

beast      king


R. Lee Smith – Sci-fi/Fantasy/Erotica






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