5 Things that Make My Heart Soar

After a stint of reading WAY too many negative things on the Internet – from comment sections on articles, to the articles themselves, to Facebook – I decided it is my duty to inject a little happiness into this quagmire. And so, I present 5 things that make my world a little brighter – no matter what I’m going through at the time.

1. People dancing as they walk down the street/sit at a bus stop

While a small, petty part of me initially feels embarrassed that someone is randomly bee-bopping in public, the bigger BETTER part of me loves to see people jamming and not giving a damn who watches. Whether the person can actually dance or not is immaterial. The freedom and joy you can feel emanating from this impromptu Rockette is infectious. I guess that’s why I enjoy the video for Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” so very much. Check it out below!

2. Fathers with their kids

Especially daddies with their daughters. This one is sort of a no-brainer for most people. But, for me, it is a poignant sight in that I always had a fraught relationship with my own father. Now that I have NO relationship with the man whose genetic material helped create me, I get a very special kick out of seeing a daddy laugh and play with his kiddo(s).

3. Halloween movies

The entire season from about mid-September through Christmas gives me those lovely, warm feelings many people associate with this time of year. But, as Halloween declines in importance for many communities, I love to watch particular movies from when I was a kid to recaptures some of the magic, excitement, and sense of togetherness I enjoyed during the Halloweens of my childhood. Some examples are: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!; Hocus Pocus; Ernest Scared Stupid; The Worst Witch; and The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t.

4. Horses

That’s it. Just horses. Movies, pictures, seeing them in a field as I drive by, petting them, smelling that sweet, earthy odor of their manure and hay, riding them. Anything. They just make me happy. Neigh!

5. Books Stores/Libraries

The smell as I walk through the doors is like ambrosia. The sight of all those books, just waiting to be opened makes me imagine what the great explorers of old must have felt like when they looked on the vast oceans, steep mountain rangers, impenetrable jungles, and intimidating deserts. Like those great wanderers, I look at a book and think, “I wonder what’s in here.”

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