Laughter Makes the World Go ‘Round

I thought today I would talk about laughter. An old adage is that “laughter is the best medicine.” I tend to agree with that. Have you ever had one of those laughing experiences where you JUST. CAN’T. STOP. LAUGING? Tears are coming to your eyes, the back of your neck is cramping, you abdomen feels like you just did a hundred crunches. And yet, you still can’t stop. Those are amazing. I haven’t had one of those laughing fits for a LONG time.

In fact, I’ve been going through a pretty rough patch emotionally speaking. I won’t go into details because a). it’s embarrassing to talk about your emotional issues and  b). no one really wants to hear about your emotional issues except mental-health care professionals who are PAID to listen to you spew. So, I will talk about my self-medication. They don’t necessarily work for an extended period of time, but even a few moments of living in laughter can turn a horrid day/situation into something bearable. Enjoy and keep laughing!


Ultimate Dog Tease – laugh EVERY time I watch this


Best Phone Call EVER – This man is my new hero


Simon’s Cat – I love all the shorts, but since it’s nearly Halloween, I thought I would do a “spooky” one


Zion Going Plop – I HAVE to share a couple videos of my kids. I watch these when they are being holy terrors (which is 90% of every day) to remind myself why I haven’t sold them to the gypsies yet 🙂


Baby Panda Sneezes and Scares Mommy – So cute (have you noticed I like animal videos?)


Sweet Brown – I just love this lady! Wish I could meet her and give her a hug 🙂


News Bloopers – The reporter at :19 is my favorite


Honest Trailer’s take on the Twilight Movies – Sorry to all those Twihards out there. I just can’t help myself.


Jazz Paws Kitten – The cuteness is just unbearable


See? I feel better just having written this post. Hope you feel better having read it 🙂


Peace y’all 🙂

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