Startling Poetry: The Breath of Others

Thought I’d offer you another selection from my book Wild Horses Don’t Stop at Whoa (only .99 through Amazon’s Kindle store or Smashwords)

“The Breath of Others” by Robin L. Martinez

The phone cradles the curve of my cheek,

presses the voice into the rims of my ear,

into the lobes of my brain.

Only a voice filled with the

sweat, the spit, the blood, the taste,

the arms, the skin, the lips and

tongue, the breasts and buttocks,

the tears, the troubles, the heat, the cum, the stories,

the salty-sweet smell,

the breath of others –

only a voice so burdened and so heavy –

can fit into my ear like this;

can wrap phone lines around my neck

and rip my head off

like this.


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