I feel kind of sick to my stomach by the horrid, horrid things being thrown around the internet right now about the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all states. Not only as a Christian woman who sees other self-professed Christians acting most un-Christianlike, but also by the total lack of common sense being displayed by my fellow citizens.

Whether you personally agree with gay marriage or not get this through your head YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Okay? You live in a country that guarantees the personal liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all its citizens. If you don’t believe EVERYONE (whether you agree with their personal choices or not) is entitled to the same basic rights under law then move to a country that practices human rights violations and has no regard for its citizens’ health and happiness. This is not a religious issue, it really isn’t. This is a moral issue.

You might be thinking, “Well, aren’t those the same thing?” No. No they are not. I think we can all agree that being “religious” is no guarantee that you are moral (*cough* Duggers *cough* *cough* Jihadists and ISIS *hawking on big wad of other people’s BS* Westboro Baptist Church). To my mind, being religious is starting to become a guarantee that you are NOT moral. But let me be clear, being spiritual and committed to whatever god you worship is not the same thing as being religious. The first type of person does tend to be moral as a rule.

So how is gay marriage a moral issue but not a religious one? Well, we allow marriage to the very worst, THE DREGS, of our society, who have trampled upon the rights and well-being of others without thought or conscience. Rapists, murders, child molesters, thieves, insurance company CEOs, and politicians. We allow the sacrament of marriage to those losers. But there are people who want to deny it to upright, tax-paying, peaceful, responsible adults. That is a moral problem.

The protesters of gay marriage are willing to let criminals marry and procreate – guaranteeing further generations of criminals. But these same protesters would rather have an orphaned child wait alone and despairing in a group home than let that child experience love and stability with a same sex couple. That’s a moral problem.

As citizens of this country it is our DUTY to fight for and defend the basic rights of our fellow citizens – as they have an obligation to fight for and defend ours. These are our brothers and sisters under the US flag, created by God just as surely as we were. How DARE anyone decide an LGBT person is less than them when that LGBT individual has done nothing but ask for the right to find someone to love and share their life with. Even if you believe a gay person’s sexual practices (which are no one’s business anyway, may I remind you) are sinful no one has the right to make that judgment, unless said protester can prove they’ve lived a life 100% free of all sin (even the tiniest transgression).

And here are some tid-bits to keep in mind:

1. Those who use the Old Testament as an argument against gay marriage have conveniently forgotten that the OT also says adulterers should be stoned (but in our society, their allowed not only to live, but get remarried).

2. It’s interesting to note that when the slaves were freed there was a huge outcry, many saying it went against God and the natural order of things. It was predicted to be the collapse of the economy and end of society. Same thing happened when blacks and women were given the right to vote. And when schools were integrated. So, these lovely people saying legalized gay marriage is the end of our society, better think really hard about who they sound like at this moment.

3. If I recall my reading of the New Testament correctly, Jesus never said anything about gays being bad. Someone correct me if I’m wrong and give me the exact book and verse. And it better say EXPLICITLY “Gays are bad” (or pretty damn close). Do not give me that whole “I’ve not come to break the old law but to fulfill it” line. Because, again, adulterers are supposed to be stoned to death in the OT.

Later Taters! Be kind to someone today 🙂

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