50 Things Before I Die

I actually have a master list of 100 things I intend to accomplish/experience before I, you know, kick the bucket (does anyone know where that saying came from, by the way?), but these are the 50 most exciting (and least embarrassing to put on a public forum).


  1. Take riding lessons
  2. Take fencing lessons
  3. Learn to dance (modern)
  4. Hike the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail
  5. Learn an Asian martial art
  6. Visit the Black Forest
  7. Visit Madagascar
  8. Visit Vaadhoo Island
  9. Visit New Zealand and Australia
  10. Visit British Isles
  11. Take a 2nd honeymoon in Europe
  12. Do a roadtrip across the U.S.
  13. Spend a week on a horse ranch
  14. Take my mother on Harry Potter tour
  15. Climb Trolltunga (Norway)
  16. Ride on the Orient Express
  17. Catch a fish and eat it
  18. Meet a shaman
  19. Go on a world library tour
  20. Get a Ph.d in literature
  21. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  22. Learn to knit
  23. Become a foster parent
  24. Foster a shelter/rescue dog
  25. Create a personal library
  26. Create a rehab for homeless
  27. Send 100 encouraging letters to strangers
  28. Paint a mural
  29. Start a foundation
  30. Own goats
  31. Start a vegetable/flower garden
  32. Plant a grove of trees
  33. Be interviewed on TV or radio
  34. Drive a stock car
  35. Raise bees
  36. Get completely debt free
  37. Color my hair blonde
  38. Learn to make jewelry
  39. Receive a fan letter
  40. Write & publish picture book
  41. Have my own art opening
  42. Model in a fashion show
  43. Attend a red-carpet event
  44. Write a screenplay
  45. Make homemade fruit wine
  46. Build a writing shed
  47. Own chickens
  48. Make a short film
  49. Act in a movie
  50. Own my own horse/pony

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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