Review of Poor Boy Road

poor boy roadI recently read Poor Boy Road by fellow Lakewater Press author, James L. Weaver. Here are my thoughts.

I’m not really a big thriller fan. Though I’ve read some and enjoyed them, they aren’t what I would automatically reach for when I need something to read. That being said, Poor Boy Road has one hell of a protagonist. Jake Caldwell is a complex and intriguing character who transcends the thriller genre. He’s intelligent and tough, but, beneath that, wounded and incredibly vulnerable. He makes mistakes – a lot of them – but he always admits to them and never cuts himself any slack.

I loved that Weaver kept Jake from being a “Marty-Stu” character (as so many recurring male characters in the thriller genre are) and instead created a real and indelible person.

This one is definitely worth a read and I look forward to what else Weaver has up his literary sleeve.

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