Discovering New Music

Like lots of other people out there, I love discovering new music. Love, Love, LOVE it! I’ve been pretty fortunate to find a whole slew of artists/songs/albums new to me to add to my collection and novel soundtracks. You all probably already know some of these artists, but listen and enjoy anyway. It’s good for you 🙂


AWOLNATION: I admit, I’m pretty late to the party on this one. But better late than never!


Gloria Trevi: Because I’m married to a Mexican turned US citizen, I get a fairly large dose of Mexican music for a Midwestern white girl. And guess what, I really do not like Mariachi music. But Gloria Trevi rocks. Seriously.


Aloe Blacc: I have the show Longmire to thank for this discovery. The husband and I binge watched it on Netflix over the holidays.


Rachel Platten‘s Wildfire: I had already known about Rachel Platten when her hit “Fight Song” broke loose. But her new full-length album, Wildfire, is amazing and features the beautiful song below.


Labrinth: I can’t remember where exactly I first heard Labrinth. It may have been Longmire too. Doesn’t really matter. The guy’s music is fantastic, that’s all I know.


KONGOS: I think this one may have shown up as a recommendation on Youtube while I was looking at another video. That is, by the way, another excellent way to find new music. So glad I clicked on it because this song is incredible.

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