Hey everybody! I’d like you to meet my girl, Ottilde Dominax, heroine of my upcoming fantasy novel, In the Blood.


Knight. Warrior. Sister. Fugitive. Ottilde Dominax has trained for war nearly all her life. The eldest daughter (by less than a minute) of the deceased Lord and Lady of Corlaan, Ottilde was sent away from home at the age of six, to begin her decade-long preparation to be a knight for her country. But her heart remained with her twin sister, Oriabel, even as she fell in love with her country’s crowned prince, Chroy. A bloody war took Ottilde from her sister and set her against her prince.

Throughout her journey to reunite with Oriabel, Ottilde faces bloodthirsty predators, untrustworthy allies, and an infuriating prison chief with a dark past of his own.

Raised primarily among warriors, Ottilde is sarcastic, tough, and pragmatic. She abandoned her ideals long ago in the face of court politics and blood-soaked battle fields. She does not trust easily and hides her fear and pain behind biting humor and bravado. She is a bit of a loner, finding the company of others, especially since Chroy’s death, more trouble than it’s worth.

Oriabel stands as the one inviolate force in her life, a symbol of home and peace, and Ottilde puts her love for her twin above all else. Since they grew up with no mother and their father died when they were just ten-years-old, they have fulfilled the roles of both mother and father for each other, with Ottilde taking on the protector role. She sees any threat to her sister as a threat to herself.

And, as a last note to Ottilde’s introduction, I’d like to share the song that most inspired me while writing her scenes. Enjoy!

The above portrait was done by the lovely and talented Diana Pinguicha, whom you can also find on Twitter.

In the Blood comes out March 21 from Lakewater Press and is available for preorder RIGHT NOW!

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