If My Characters Were Cocktails…

Since today I celebrate the release of In the Blood, I thought it might be fun to talk about… alcohol. Namely, what alcoholic beverages (e.g. cocktails) remind me of the primary characters (and the most important secondary characters) in the novel.

Let’s get started!


image from aviationgin.com

image from aviationgin.com

Oriabel Dominax – a Martínez

Predecessor to the famous martini, a Martínez is made with gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino or curaçao, and bitters. Sweet, complex, and refreshing. Perfect for the lady of Corlaan Court.


Bloody mary - cocktail flow

image from cocktailflow.com

Ottilde Dominax – a Bloody Mary

A spicy kick in the pants made from tomato juice, vodka, spices (Worcestershire, horseradish, Tabasco, black pepper, and salt) and lemon juice. A savory, fiery furnace in your belly. Just like Ottilde.


image from mixedcocktails.com

Híto Varon – an Old Fashioned

A wild drink with a thin veneer of sophistication and a touch of sweetness. Describes both Híto and this drink made of a muddled sugar cube, rye whiskey, bitters,  and a bit of soda.


whiskey neat - skillshare

image from skillshare.com

Wilder Coomba Whiskey Neat

Not a cocktail, I know, but with a man like Wilder Coomb, there are no mixers, syrups, or ice. Just barely restrained enough that he doesn’t grab the bottle and chug it.


rye witch - tasting table

image from tastingtable.com

Jacind – the Rye Witch

A pinch of sweet, a dash of bitter, and a whole lotta Umph! Make the Rye Witch (or in Jacind’s case the Wry Witch) with rye whiskey, Strega (that means witch in Italian!), sherry, orange bitters, and an orange peel twist to garnish.


rusty nails - vinepair

image from vinepair.com

Artair och Mahan – Rusty Nails, straight

A potent dram of Drambuie (a sweet, golden liqueur of scotch whiskey, honey, herbs, and spices) and whiskey. Wild, flavorful, and relentless. It can be served either “straight” (with ice), “neat,” or “up” in a stemmed glass.


Between the Sheets - esquire

image from esquire.com

Kester Hugo – a Between the Sheets

Unapologetically naughty this concoction was created to thumb a nose at Prohibition. Made from rum, brandy, triple sec, lemon juice, and a lemon twist garnish.


vodka cranberry - inside cuisine

image from insidecuisine.com

Claydia Hugo 😉 – a Vodka Cranberry

Tart and crisp with very little sweetness. Made with vodka, cranberry juice and garnished with a lime wedge.

white russian -betches

image from betches.com

Kala – a White Russian

A milky-white surface hides the dark layers beneath. Smooth and powerful. Made from vodka, Kaluha, and heavy cream. Serve chilled and wolf-eyed.


cosmo - beautyhill

image from beautyhill.com

Merin Varon – a Cosmopolitan

Sophisticated without being stuffy, Cosmopolitans bespeak a woman of intelligence, elegance, and grace. But with a mischievous spark you can’t wait to discover. Made with vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice.


black and tan - boston magazine

image from bostonmagazine.com

Pritard Onay – a Black and Tan

Made with nothing but stout and pale ale. Pritard would definitely appreciate this simple, straightforward beer cocktail.

irish coffee - cocktail flow

image from cocktailflow.com

Jamus Tinworth – an Irish Coffee

This warm and comforting after-dinner cocktail is made with brewed hot coffee, brown sugar, whiskey, and cream. Basically, a warm, friendly embrace in a mug.


pimms cup - barnonedrinks

image from barnonedrinks.com

Tillo Yaga – Pimm’s Cup

One taste calls to mind country summers and sun-drenched landscapes. Timeless and earthy. Made with lemony soda (or ginger ale), fruit, cucumbers, mint, and a shot of gin.


screwdriver - chowhound

image from chowhound.com

King Talin – a Screwdriver

A deceptively simple cocktail made from orange juice and vodka. It’s delicious and sweet, but beware that liquor creeping up on you and taking hold of your mind.


And I’ll be enjoying my own tasty screwdriver!

Now that you have some inspiration, get mixing then lift a glass with me to toast In the Blood‘s birth into the world.






فى صحتك


Slainte vor!

Apki lambi umar ke liye!



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