Character Portrait: Oriabel

Hi everyone! I’m excited to introduce the newest character portrait for my In the Blood characters by Diana Pinguicha. This one is of Oriabel Dominax.

Oriabel Portrait

Lady. Healer. Sister. Witch. Oriabel Dominax has always known fear. Her father, in an attempt to protect her, never hid what would happen to her if the people of Corlaan discovered her witchbreed nature. Condemned by the holy scriptures of the Odalay, Roanaan’s god, witches are seen as the harbingers of evil and destruction in Roanaan. And so, Oriabel guards her secret while using it to care for the very people who would destroy her.

Before his death, Barres Dominax gave his daughter a most unusual education. Oriabel learned anatomy and herb lore alongside fairy tales and politics. From the village’s late midwife, she absorbed the lessons of midwifery and nursing. And from the old witch who lives deep in the woods around Corlaan, she discovered how to nurture and strengthen her supernatural gifts.

A deeply religious and spiritual woman, Oriabel does not allow what the Odalay’s holy scriptures say about the witchbreed to stop her from daily devotions and prayers. She believes the Odalay gave her magic to protect and comfort her people. She also believes the god will bring her twin sister, Ottilde, back to her one day.

Oriabel is more idealistic than her sister, raised as she was in an insular community. But her father’s early lessons of caution and fear have left her with a deep distrust of letting anyone too close. Nevertheless, she loves easily and gives affection to those who show her kindness. Her devotion to her home and people informs everything she does—even to her ruin.

One trait she shares with Ottilde is an intolerance for those she sees as enemies. The few people she detests get nothing from her but contempt.

As I did with Ottilde’s portrait, I’d also like to add the song that most inspired me while writing any of Oriabel’s scenes. Enjoy below!

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