Startling Poetry: Cloud of Red

This one’s mine…

Cloud of Red by R. L. Martínez

For J. B.


Salt seas fill with light,

Pinwheels of color I never could master.


Rockaway, baby, close your sweet eyes


The water laps my feet with cold tongues,

Beckons with white crooked fingers.


When the day breaks, the Village will cry


Above, the sky holds her wide smile,

Collects her laugh and throws it against the day.


When the night comes, the Staircase will break


I utter no sound as I wade into those frothed arms,

Reach out for the frigid brine.


And down will come dreaming, till the world shakes


My body grows warm as it sinks.

The cloud of red drifts over my head.

It spreads and releases its atoms until none remain.


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