Startling Poetry: An Open Letter to Meghan Trainor

An Open Letter to Meghan Trainor by Erin Anastasia



Dear Meghan Trainor,

I really want to like your song.
I want to shake it shake it
move and groove and booty-bump along
but there’s just one

I’m still waiting for my booty to arrive
you see,
I ordered it in the 6th grade
I thought that’d be plenty of time
but apparently
the UPS guy
lost my package
somewhere along the line
so now I’m left quite bootyless
with nothing to shake,
except this pathetic excuse for a behind.

So even though I’d love, to shake it shake it like I’m supposed to do.
I can’t,
I’m still a size two
and according to you
that makes me
a skinny bitch.

And I get it.
I understand,
what you’re trying to do
It’s about time we
attack the system.
We’ve got little girls going on diets
we’ve got too many anorexia victims
trust me, it’s twisted.
But please, just listen,
I think you need to
your cross-hairs
you’re firing shots
at innocent girls
how dare

you fire shots
at the innocent girl
who lacks certain familiar privileges:
like finding clothes in her size
and finding a boy that wants to hold her “abnormal” body at night
and eating in peace
because yes, she is going to finish those fries
she doesn’t look this way by choice.
She’d never look this way by choice
no, she’d much rather
have a body, that looks like the ones in magazines
you know, like that celebrity,
who’s really skinny, with a really nice ass?

Dear Meghan Trainor,
You are not as progressive as you think you are.
From Baby Got Back
to Shake That
to that thong th thong thong thong
to Honkey Tonk Badonka Donk,
we are in no shortage of ass shaking songs
we’ve been telling girls to shake their money maker
like somebody’s bout to pay ya
since two-thousand and nine
and then we had the bubble butts and the twerking
It has always BEEN about the behind,

And now we’ve got you
telling girls,
that every inch of them is perfect from the bottom to the top
but only if their bottoms are big enough for the boys to chase
you are perpetuating the same type of hate that you’re trying to stop.

Please, STOP.

Dear Meghan Trainor,
there are girls who are overweight. And they deserve to love their bodies.
there are girls who are underweight. And they too deserve to love their bodies.
Do not call them skinny bitches. Do not call them stick-figures.
Do not expect them to swallow your insults and “take one for the team”.
When you are fully capable of making a song that isn’t riddled with contradiction.
Dear Meghan Trainor,
by pinning girls against girls
All you’ve done is made new bullies
All you’ve done is made new victims.

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