Happy Birthday, Mr. C!

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my gorgeous oldest son, Mr. C! Can’t believe it’s been over half a decade since this beautiful creature entered my life. And I’ve also included the poem Mr. C inspired and that I included in my Wild Horses Don’t Stop at Whoa collection.


Caleb's 1st Birthday party 5-22-2011 012


Picture 019

Wild Caleb shirtless (1)



Raising Puck

For C.J.M.


To mother a creature like Robin Goodfellow

demands a certain madness; a willingness to step into primordial forests

without map, compass, or weapon.

To seek love from a being, whose affections and tempers

are as capricious as the wind

is to ask for heartbreak and humor in equal measure.

While he regards you with lamb’s eyes

he pulls a jade’s trick and yanks down your Christmas tree;

with an angel’s lips he screams your ears bloody;

with fingers, small and sweet,

he pickpockets you just as you put your hands in soapy water.

You flinch at his next approach, expecting another act of impish gaiety,

but then he lays his unruly head on your breast,

touches your face with his small, sweet fingers

in a gesture of infinite trust, infinite renewal.

To love a Puck is to willingly rub the purple love potion

on your eyes and feel only what a mother can feel for

the wayward and willful.

Such is my plight and delight, my thunder and my son.

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