Character Interviews: Híto Varon

Christian Bale

Photo by Vincent Peters (click image to visit Vincent Peters’ website)


Now that you know some of my character’s favorite types of foods, I thought we’d talk directly to them and get their thoughts on life, politics, literature etc.

First up is Híto Varon (pronounced Heet-O, VAH-rOn), Lord of Varoncour Manor and Corlaan Court. Welcome, Híto. It’s great to have you on the blog.

HV: Thanks very much. I’m very happy to be here.

RLM: Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Tell me about your best childhood memory.

HV: My paternal grandfather had a large part of my bringing up. Indeed, he was more a father to me than my own. And so, most of my memories revolve around him and my mother. And later, my younger sister.

When I was ten-years-old, or thereabout, I had an altercation with a boy from the village. He was a rough-neck. Liked to pick on us little lads.

RLM: I can’t really imagine you as a little lad.

HV: Oh, I was until about fifteen. Knobby-kneed, frightfully skinny. And this boy – Jenri I think his name was – liked to knock me down whenever he caught me out with the other boys. He knew I’d never complain about him to my parents or grandfather and he took advantage. One day, I’d taken a pretty good thrashing from him and tried to sneak up to my room to clean up. My grandfather caught me creeping through the kitchen and took a good long look at the damage – split lip, black eye, gash on my forehead, bruises round my wrists. And who knows what other dings I had. He sat me down at the table and shooed the cook and her assistants out (to a great deal of grumbling), pumped some water into a bowl and cleaned me up.

As I sat there, I expected him to chastise me for being weak – as my father would have done. But he said nothing. At last, I asked, “Will you tell mother or father?”

“Tell them what?”

I gestured helplessly at my face. He sat back and gave me an inscrutable look. “I will only involve myself in your affairs if you ask for my help, child. And then you shall have it, freely and unreservedly. Do you need my help dealing with a bully?”

I considered saying yes. But the longer I watched him, the more I felt his belief in me. In the strength I hadn’t yet found within myself. I shook my head. That day I discovered the power that comes from having a great person believe in you; and from knowing a safe place awaits if things go badly.

A year later, I thrashed Jenri so badly he never laid another finger on a Varoncour child.


RLM: What is something that makes you especially angry?

HV: I abhor liars. If someone does not wish to discuss a subject with me, he/she need only tell me to mind my own business. There is no need to lie unless one is planning something malicious.


RLM: If you could only keep 5 possession with you, what would they be?

I do not put a great deal of faith in possessions. They are too vulnerable to destruction or theft. But 5 things I find necessary to my everyday living are my horse, a clean set of clothes that fit properly (no matter their condition or provenance), my grandfather’s ring, which he gave to me on his deathbed, a good sharp knife, and an interesting book.


RLM: What feels like love to you?

HV: Home. I’ll know the woman I’m meant to love when she becomes home to me. One look at her face and all my cares will fall away and I’ll know an ease not found anywhere else.


RLM: What do you want your gravestone to say?

HV: Bit of a morbid turn [both chuckle]. Well, I suppose I would want it to say “Beloved” somewhere: beloved son, beloved brother, beloved grandson, beloved something. I would like to think that I earned at least one good person’s love and admiration when it’s all said and done.

RLM: Thanks again for taking time to do this interview, Híto. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you a bit more.

HV: The pleasure’s all mine. Any time.


*If you have any questions YOU’D like to ask any of my characters shoot me an email and we might do a couple rounds of these interviews!




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