Character Interviews: Wilder Coomb

John Quinlan 3 EDITED

This week I’m so pleased to welcome Wilder Coomb (pronounced Wil-dur, Coom) to the blog. Wilder is the prison chief of Lachlas (Lock-LAHs) Prison in northern Iormere (E-or-meer). Welcome, Wilder!

WC: [grunts]

RLM: [clears throat] Ummm… What do you feel most proud of?

WC: The fact that I run a tight prison with no nonsense.

RLM: Could you expand on that a bit?

WC: No.


RLM: Okaaay. Next question. If you could keep only 5 possessions what would they be?

WC: My weapon belt.

RLM: And the other four?

WC: That’s it.


RLM: Uh, if you’re not feeling well, we can postpone this.

WC: I am in perfect health.


RLM: All righty then. How do you spend your free time?

WC: I make frequent tours around the prison to check that all is as it should be. I pray each night before sleep. And each morning upon waking.

RLM: What else?

WC: [sighs] I’ve occasionally enjoyed a good book on history or playing dice with my men.


RLM: Why did you choose to become the prison chief at Lachlas?

WC: “Choose” is not the word I would use. I was assigned here after the Iormere military decommissioned me from active service.

RLM: If you could choose another profession what would it be?

WC: Why do you wish to know?

RLM: Well, it’s an interview.

WC: For what? Who sent you to ask me these invasive questions?

RLM: I… I sent myself.

WC: And who are you?

RLM: I created you.

WC: Are you claiming to be one of the Three Sisters?

RLM: No I-

WC: Then what do you mean you ‘created’ me?

RLM: Well, I created this whole world. Lachlas, Iormere, everything.

WC: [long pause] Foss! Get the boys. We’ve got a wild one.

RLM: No, stay away from me. No! No! N-

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