A New Art Venture

So, I’ve discovered a new creative outlet. Has very little to do with writing and is lots of fun. I’m making something I call “Deity Boxes”. These are small altars in a box to various deities. I’ve made two so far and one is in the works. Check out my photos below (the photos really blow. Seriously, I need to find a local photographer to friend so that he/she can snap my work and make it look presentable for the interwebz).


This one is called the Moon Mother Box. It is small enough it can be a traveling altar if you want to take it along on trips.

moon-mother-altar-in-a-box-interior moon-mother-altar-in-a-box


And this one is called Hecate’s Embrace:

hecate-box-exterior hecate-full-interior hecate-box-interior-3 hecate-box-interior-2 hecate-box-interior-1


Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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