NaNoWriMo is HERE!

It’s National Novel Writing Month again! Are you excited? I’m excited! I’ve got my novel all set up on NaNoWriMo’s site and a daily word goal in mind.

Because my husband and I made a deal back at the beginning of September, my total word goal is a bit different. In September, he challenged me to write 100,000 words by the end of November (three months to write 100K). If I succeeded, I would get money to take horse back riding lessons, something I’ve desperately wanted to do for YEARS. Well, as of today, November 1st, I have a little over 34,000 words. So, for November, my goal is 64,280 words (that’s a little over 2,100 words a day).

I think I can do it. Last year I managed to write about 72,000 words in November alone. When the stories hot, I don’t have a problem churning out a daily average of 2,500 words.

So, ready, set, NaNo!

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