A Moment Please…

I know no one really cares about my political or social rants – the numbers don’t lie – but I’m going to put this here anyway, because I need to say it.

I am very, very sad today.

If you voted for Trump, I want you to fully appreciate what you have said to me and my family and friends with your vote.

You have told my husband, a Mexican immigrant and PoC that he is not wanted here, despite the fact that he taught himself English, earned his citizenship, and works 60-70 hours a week for his family.

You’ve told me, as a woman, that I do not deserve respect or safety, or the right to make my own choices about my own body.

You’ve told my autistic son it is all right to mock the disabled.

You’ve told friends of mine, who are gay, that they have no right to find their soul mate and to live a life of peace and love with that person.

I’ve heard you loud and clear. And so have the millions of people and families who are, or include, PoC, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ individuals. We’ve heard you.

And I am very sad for you. Because you’ve just dismissed some wonderful, kind, loving, and generous people from your life.

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