A Note From Lovelace


Hi everybody!

My name’s Lovelace (Mother named me after Robert Lovelace from Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady by Samuel Richardson, can you BELIEVE that?! Although, when she first brought me home, I WAS pretty naughty when it came to the cat. Wink, wink!).

Anyway, I’m sneaking onto the computer to have a word with you all. Mother doesn’t know I’m using her computer right now. In fact, as great as she THINKS I am, I’m like a thousand times better. I can do stuff and know stuff she cannot even imagine.

Well, I thought I’d introduce myself and the other furry inhabitants of the Martinez household.

As I said, I’m Lovelace, prince of the palace, Mother’s special fur-baby (or “furby,” as she likes to call us), and her helper in all things magical and written. When she’s writing at her computer (or does any kind of important work), I stay close to give her all my powerful mojo.

lovelace-1 lovelace-2

I’m also her emotional support. Mother suffers from something called “depression” and I help her de-stress when she’s having a particularly bad time. Believe me, I’m better than all those nasty pills a lot of people take. For one, I’m super cute with soft, curly hair, an underbite, and sweet doggy kisses. Two, I’m a great listener – you would not believe the things Mother has told me! And three, I love to be held and cuddled, which science has shown is a great way to elevate your mood, reduce stress, and feel more connected to something solid and comforting. Nothing keeps you hanging on for better days than the knowledge that someone as cute and helpless as me is loving you, needing you. Just look at that face up there! Lastly, the only side effects I cause are warm, fuzzy feelings of absolute joy!

Now, I guess I better introduce… the others.

First, there’s Bridey (Mother got this name from a Hayley Mills movie).


She’s okay… for a cat. Mostly she just stays out of the way and bugs Mother only when she’s hungry. Or wants to drink water right out of the tap… she’s kind of a freak, totally refuses to drink out of the communal bowl Mother sets out for us in the kitchen. And sometimes she tries to help Mother work out.

Not much more to say about her. Except she absolutely MOONS over anyone who walks through the door. She has NO sense of territory rights. Seriously, she just lets ANYONE walk in the door without the least protest.

And lastly, there’s Xochitl (I guess this means “flower” in some language called Aztec). img_0561Gah! That girl is CRAZY. Always sticking her tongue everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. She’s only a year old so maybe there’s some hope for her. Let’s hope so because she is always causing trouble. So immature!

Well, that’s about it from me for now. Have to get off the computer before Mother catches me. It’s been great visiting with all of you and I hope to hop back on here again soon. Till then, keep it real. And buy my mother’s books. She really needs the money for my food and chew flips. Powerful mojo takes lots of fuel, you know!

Peace out!