Startling Poetry: from Aelinos


I chose two very short poems,  from the book Aelinos* by Jai M. McGrainer, a chilling and original volume. Definitely recommend you pick up a copy!


*By the way, “aelinos” means a “dirge” or “a song of suffering.”


Something Like an Apple

when everyone else thought my life had been taken,

you held silent vigil to pray I’d waken.

You hoped a kiss might bribe The Reaper to forestall;

the gods were silent, and I was dead after all.



A customer reprimanded me on

the day you put my dog down,

“Hey there, doll face, smile more!”



Book Review: In The Blood by R.L. Martinez

Thanks Book Bud for the the wonderful write-up!

The Reading Bud

27689746Author: R.L. Martinez
Release Date: March 21, 2016
Series: The Witchbreed Series
Genre: High Fantasy, Magic Realism
(Magic Elementals > Wizards, Witches & Shapeshifters)
Edition: E-book (mobi)
Pages: 356
Publisher: Lake Water Press
Source: Publicist (via NetGalley)
Buy it here: Amazon

Rating: ★★★★★


The Warrior
The war between Dosalyn and Roanaan has ended, but a new battle begins for prisoner-of-war, Ottilde Dominax. Dreams of her witchbreed twin sister are visions of death and betrayal. Driven by their grim warning, she escapes her captors and races across nations to save her sister.
But she may arrive too late…
The Witch
Oriabel Dominax has kept her healing magic secret while she cares for her family’s struggling estate. But the arrival of a new lord with secrets of his own, the discovery of a dark and addictive magic, and threats from a cruel blackmailer push Oriabel closer to disaster.

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