Best of the U.S. A-Z

Despite all the problems we in the United States are currently facing, there are still so many things to love and treasure about this country. Here are some of my favorites:


A – American Bison (aka American Buffalo)

B – Marlon Brandon (who I think has been reborn as Tom Hardy, which makes sense since the U. S. A., in many ways, is a child of Britain)


C – Charleston, SC

D – Diners (fast-food restaurants, take a seat. Nowhere can you get such good food for so cheap)

E – Edgar Allan Poe (“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore!'”)

F – The French Quarter

New Orleans French Quarter

G – Grand Canyon

H – The Harlem Renaissance

I – Independent spirits (some might say this is actually a weakness of ours, but I love the wildness most Americans have – even if it is buried deeply under a lot of drek)

J – Jim Henson

K – Stephen King

L – Lincoln Memorial

M – Maya Angelou

N – Native American Nations


O – Orville and Wilbur Wright


P – Public Libraries everywhere

Q – Q-tips (actually cotton swabs, since Q-tip is a specific brand. Invented by Polish-American Leo Gerstenzang)

R – Redwood Forest


S – South Dakota Badlands

T- Television Shows (Golden Girls, King of the Hill, Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, Portlandia, The Office interpretation, Mama’s Family, Murder, She Wrote, Longmire, Firefly, MadTV, The Muppet Show [and The Muppet Babies], Star Trek, M*A*S*H, etc. )

U –


V – Vagina Monologues (probably one of the best and most in-your-face feminist treatises ever by American Eve Ensler. And SOOOO much fun to watch)

W – Walt Whitman and Wonder Woman (because I just can’t have one and not the other!)







X – X-Men

Y – Yosemite National Park

Z – Zippers (yep, invented by an American!)

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