My 10 Favorite Movies to Watch at Halloween

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year.  And Halloween, the crowning moment in a season of magic (wow, that was a bit melodramatic, wasn’t it?). As a kid, I always tuned in to the Halloween specials that played on TV. Disney put out some great spookfests comprised of classic cartoons and contemporary films.

As an adult, I still hold a special place in my heart for those children shows, but my tastes have, inevitably, grown up a little. So, here are some of my favorite films to watch during the Halloween season.


What We Do In the Shadows – a HILARIOUS take on the whole vampire craze that swept the world (sans sparkling). It’s also a play on the mockumentary trend that I still adore.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – I pretty much love everything Peanuts.  All I can say is that Charles Schultz was a genius and The Peanuts get better and better the older I get.

Fright Night (1985) – Now,  a remake of this movie came out in recent years, but I really recommend sticking with the classic 1985 version. Much as I think Colin Farrell is drop-dead sexy, the original version had the campy-80s-fun aspect that just can’t be replicated.


Disney Classics: Donald Duck – So this entry is made up of several videos. Disney made a quartet of spooky cartoons starring Donald Duck that always put me in the Halloween mood.

High Spirits – Oh, man, oh, man! This movie is just so many things: fun, zany, romantic, with a touch of creepiness and, of course, the gorgeous settings. Not to mention Peter O’Toole. Everything the man touches is gold! And I don’t give a w*!t that he was awarded a Golden Raspberry for his performance in Super Girl, I loved that movie too!

The Addams Family – Not many filmmakers can pull off a production that features a family of blood-thirsty, amoral psychopaths and make them seem lovable. But it was done and it was fantastic!

Beetlejuice – Two words: Michael Keaton.

The Wolfman – I honestly don’t know why I like this movie. There is so much wrong with it, but it still entranced me when my husband and I watched it the first time.

The Ghostbusters (1984) – Now, I actually kinda like the all-female version that came out recently. But the original has a special magic that, again, could only happen in the 80s. I don’t know what it was about that decade, but things they did in movies were simply legendary. Ghostbusters is a prime example of that.

Hocus Pocus – This was a bit past my primary years as a child (won’t say how past), but it still delighted my childish heart when it came out. And every Halloween, I have to drag out my DVD copy and watch it to remember how special Halloween was when I was a kid.

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