Character Interview: Ottilde Dominax

Photo by Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy

This interview is a long time in coming. Please welcome my very special guest, Ottilde [O – Tild] Dominax!

RLM: Thank you so much for joining me today, Ottilde.

OtD: It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for having me.

RLM: So, as you know, I’ve already interviewed your sister, Oriabel. And I’d like to ask you pretty much the same questions I asked her.

OtD: By all means.

RLM: If you could travel anywhere where would it be?

OtD: I’ve already done a lot of traveling in my life. During my education and training to become a knight, we were often taken on long trips to expose us to different terrains, climates, languages etc. Honestly, I just want to be home.


RLM: If you could keep only 5 possessions what would they be?

OtD: A clean pair of underthings; my heartstone; the drawings my father did before he died – especially the one of my mother when she was pregnant with Oriabel and me; my sword; and a waterproof coat – a hate being wet.


RLM: Who do most admire in life?

OtD: My sister, Oriabel. She hasn’t been tainted by cynicism and bitterness as I have. While sometimes I might be exasperated – even fearful – of her trusting nature, I also envy that innocence. That willingness to believe and expect the best of people.


RLM: What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

OtD: I’ve always wished I could garden. Black thumb, though. I love growing things and envied Oriabel and my father their ability to coax life from the ground.


RLM: What was your most embarrassing moment?

OtD: On the eve of my knighting, I fell asleep during the vigil in the royal sanctuary. I’d been having an awful nightmare when the duty priest woke me. I was so startled that I punched him in the mouth. Needless to say, I was not a favorite among the priests from then on.

[both laugh]

RLM: Now, I have to ask: What is really between you and Wilder Coomb?

OtD: Absolutely nothing.

RLM: Really?

OtD: Indeed. That man is the bane of my existence and I would gut him if I had half a chance. He’s the most loathsome, self-righteous, thick-headed, beast of a man. And I pity anyone unfortunate enough to spend even a moment in his company.

Why, what did he say to you?

RLM: Ummm…



My Formative Years (aka: the origin of the Mayhem)

Anyone who knows me at all – like, if you meet me for the first time, you will probably find this out within five minutes – knows that I adore horses and unicorns. Always have. In fact, horses were the center of my beginning as a storyteller.

Before I even knew that “writer” was a possible profession, I loved making up my own stories and acting them out. I rarely shared these stories, though. Instead, I used my collection of various horse and pony figures to give my stories life.

My family, most notably my mother, made sure that I had plenty of horse and pony toys to play with. Every Christmas and birthday I would receive at least one horse/pony. I also had a small collection of She-Ra action figures who would handle any human element in my stories.

Here are some of the figures I had as a kid (I think I had more, but I can’t remember them all):

This was my King of Horses, one of my first Breyer Horses. I named him Skydancer and he was the leader of my little herd.

This was Skydancer’s wife. In her previous life she was known as the Fashion Star Filly, Chloe. I do not remember what I named her (definitely was not Chloe), but she was a totally awesome Queen of Horses.

This was another Fashion Star Filly, originally named Janel, but, I’m pretty sure I renamed her Cecily, or something like that. She was the Queen’s sister and “married” to the stallion below.

Apparently, this Breyer Horse is pretty rare and now quite expensive. In any case, I named him Morgan. At some point early on in my ownership of him, one of his ears got broken. It was sort of his signature look after that. 

I have no idea what I named this fella, but I remember the color of his hide always reminded me of mozzarella in spaghetti sauce (I was weird, what can I say?)

Whatever the horse above was named, he was married to this gorgeous girl, Roxanne. Breyer named her Lady Roxanna, but I liked Roxanne better. This is the one horse figure I still own. She actually sits on my altar. I used to move her around during stories by her tail, holding it like the arm of a teapot.

Like every little girl in the 80s, I had my share of My Little Ponies (plus I adored the show and feature films). I know I had a ton of them, but I honestly don’t remember which all they were. Here are a few I DO recall (they were also incorporated into the herd):

¬†This one is apparently called Fancy Flower. I believe I had a couple of these slimmer, long-legged G1 My Little Ponies, but I can’t remember which ones I had.

I’m not sure if this is the exact one I had, but I recall having one with super curly hair. And this one looks faintly familiar.

I’m pretty sure I only had one of the Sea Ponies – the blue one with the ducky ring.


These were the baby My Little Ponies I owned. I think they were supposed to be the babies of Skydancer and his queen. Have no idea what I named them but I always thought they were super cute (don’t bother asking why these weren’t the babies of my actual My Little Ponies, I told you, I was super weird).







Here are a couple of Breyer Horses that were added to my collection when I was older and not as in to playing with them:






And lastly, I had three action figures from the She-Ra franchise. I also had a costume set that included a shield, sword, mask, and arm bands. Yeah, I was soooo cool.

She-Ra herself, of course.


And Peekablue, plus I had her horse Crystal Moonbeam (renamed and incorporated into the herd, naturally)

So, now you know I had super-awesome taste in toys and that I liked to tell stories way before I even realized people did that for a living.

A Little Something About Me…

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, and I’ve gained some new readers since then, so, I thought I would share 20 facts about me.

  1. I have a Masters in Library and Information Science
  2. My oldest son and I have the same birthmark in the exact same place
  3. I lived in Japan from about 3 to 5-years-old (Army brat)
  4. During high school I participated in the color guard
  5. I lived in Indonesia for 3 months during college
  6. I’ve never had a broken bone
  7. I passed my driving test the first time
  8. In addition to writing, I’m also a licensed massage therapist (I passed my licensing exam the first time too!)
  9. I am still in my first relationship (married for almost 9 years)
  10. My dream job (besides being a successful writer) is to run and own a healing center that offers massage, Reiki, yoga classes, and nutritional counseling
  11. My nicknames in high school were Robina and Tito, the Turtle-Spank
  12. I hate eating salads I make at home, but love salads at restaurants
  13. I refuse to buy clothing that has to be dry-cleaned
  14. I usually plan out stories while I’m driving
  15. I’m horribly allergic to poison ivy (had to be rushed to the hospital when I was a kid and get a steroid shot)
  16. My favorite month is October
  17. Favorite colors are black and pink
  18. I have one older sibling (sister)
  19. I adore sparrows, horses, and dogs
  20. I get nightmares if I just read a plot summary of a horror movie