A Little Something About Me…

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, and I’ve gained some new readers since then, so, I thought I would share 20 facts about me.

  1. I have a Masters in Library and Information Science
  2. My oldest son and I have the same birthmark in the exact same place
  3. I lived in Japan from about 3 to 5-years-old (Army brat)
  4. During high school I participated in the color guard
  5. I lived in Indonesia for 3 months during college
  6. I’ve never had a broken bone
  7. I passed my driving test the first time
  8. In addition to writing, I’m also a licensed massage therapist (I passed my licensing exam the first time too!)
  9. I am still in my first relationship (married for almost 9 years)
  10. My dream job (besides being a successful writer) is to run and own a healing center that offers massage, Reiki, yoga classes, and nutritional counseling
  11. My nicknames in high school were Robina and Tito, the Turtle-Spank
  12. I hate eating salads I make at home, but love salads at restaurants
  13. I refuse to buy clothing that has to be dry-cleaned
  14. I usually plan out stories while I’m driving
  15. I’m horribly allergic to poison ivy (had to be rushed to the hospital when I was a kid and get a steroid shot)
  16. My favorite month is October
  17. Favorite colors are black and pink
  18. I have one older sibling (sister)
  19. I adore sparrows, horses, and dogs
  20. I get nightmares if I just read a plot summary of a horror movie

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