My 10 Favorite Movies to Watch at Halloween

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year.  And Halloween, the crowning moment in a season of magic (wow, that was a bit melodramatic, wasn’t it?). As a kid, I always tuned in to the Halloween specials that played on TV. Disney put out some great spookfests comprised of classic cartoons and contemporary films.

As an adult, I still hold a special place in my heart for those children shows, but my tastes have, inevitably, grown up a little. So, here are some of my favorite films to watch during the Halloween season.



What We Do In the Shadows – a HILARIOUS take on the whole vampire craze that swept the world (sans sparkling). It’s also a play on the mockumentary trend that I still adore.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – I pretty much love everything Peanuts.  All I can say is that Charles Schultz was a genius and The Peanuts get better and better the older I get.

Fright Night (1985) – Now,  a remake of this movie came out in recent years, but I really recommend sticking with the classic 1985 version. Much as I think Colin Farrell is drop-dead sexy, the original version had the campy-80s-fun aspect that just can’t be replicated.


Disney Classics: Donald Duck – So this entry is made up of several videos. Disney made a quartet of spooky cartoons starring Donald Duck that always put me in the Halloween mood.

High Spirits – Oh, man, oh, man! This movie is just so many things: fun, zany, romantic, with a touch of creepiness and, of course, the gorgeous settings. Not to mention Peter O’Toole. Everything the man touches is gold! And I don’t give a w*!t that he was awarded a Golden Raspberry for his performance in Super Girl, I loved that movie too!

The Addams Family – Not many filmmakers can pull off a production that features a family of blood-thirsty, amoral psychopaths and make them seem lovable. But it was done and it was fantastic!

Beetlejuice – Two words: Michael Keaton.

The Wolfman – I honestly don’t know why I like this movie. There is so much wrong with it, but it still entranced me when my husband and I watched it the first time.

The Ghostbusters (1984) – Now, I actually kinda like the all-female version that came out recently. But the original has a special magic that, again, could only happen in the 80s. I don’t know what it was about that decade, but things they did in movies were simply legendary. Ghostbusters is a prime example of that.

Hocus Pocus – This was a bit past my primary years as a child (won’t say how past), but it still delighted my childish heart when it came out. And every Halloween, I have to drag out my DVD copy and watch it to remember how special Halloween was when I was a kid.

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Best of the U.S. A-Z

Despite all the problems we in the United States are currently facing, there are still so many things to love and treasure about this country. Here are some of my favorites:


A – American Bison (aka American Buffalo)

B – Marlon Brandon (who I think has been reborn as Tom Hardy, which makes sense since the U. S. A., in many ways, is a child of Britain)


C – Charleston, SC

D – Diners (fast-food restaurants, take a seat. Nowhere can you get such good food for so cheap)

E – Edgar Allan Poe (“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore!'”)

F – The French Quarter

New Orleans French Quarter

G – Grand Canyon

H – The Harlem Renaissance

I – Independent spirits (some might say this is actually a weakness of ours, but I love the wildness most Americans have – even if it is buried deeply under a lot of drek)

J – Jim Henson

K – Stephen King

L – Lincoln Memorial

M – Maya Angelou

N – Native American Nations


O – Orville and Wilbur Wright


P – Public Libraries everywhere

Q – Q-tips (actually cotton swabs, since Q-tip is a specific brand. Invented by Polish-American Leo Gerstenzang)

R – Redwood Forest


S – South Dakota Badlands

T- Television Shows (Golden Girls, King of the Hill, Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, Portlandia, The Office interpretation, Mama’s Family, Murder, She Wrote, Longmire, Firefly, MadTV, The Muppet Show [and The Muppet Babies], Star Trek, M*A*S*H, etc. )

U –


V – Vagina Monologues (probably one of the best and most in-your-face feminist treatises ever by American Eve Ensler. And SOOOO much fun to watch)

W – Walt Whitman and Wonder Woman (because I just can’t have one and not the other!)







X – X-Men

Y – Yosemite National Park

Z – Zippers (yep, invented by an American!)

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Incarcerated for an unspeakable crime, fearless warrior Lady Ottilde Dominax is plagued by mysterious dreams of her sister’s death. When a hooded figure offers her the chance of escape, although untrusting, she does not hesitate. Racing across nations to reach Oriabel, her journey is cut short by an encounter with a wedowyn, a formidable beast which she has no chance to overpower alone. Though it is not death that greets her,  but something far worse.

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Abandoned, betrayed, and wanted for murder, Lady Oriabel Dominax is a witch on the run. The deadly magic now awakened inside her is hungry, and it is all Oriabel can do to control it. With no choice but to trust strangers as her guardians, she quickly discovers not everyone is who they say they are and the very magic she fears might be her only weapon to protect those she loves.

Since rescuing her sister from certain death, Lady Ottilde Dominax’s only goal is to keep Oriabel safe and alive. Not an easy task when both the enemy and their so-called allies are hunting them. Placing all her trust in the very man who held her prisoner, Ottilde must open her heart and mind to a future she could never have predicted, a future guided only by love and survival.

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